How to make relationship work?

The universe is giving you love right now.

When you give love to the universe when you give love to others, you’ll receive the love in turn.


Give More

Love is the essence of nature and relationship.

The relationship is not giving and taking and receiving and getting what you want, but it’s also about giving.

I’d like to say each person has to take 100% of the responsibility of building a good quality of the relationship.

The more you give, the more will come back.

The greatest way to have a relationship is to commit.


Love Yourself

To have a better relationship in your life. First, you have to have a better relationship with yourself.

Treat yourself the way you are, your very dear friend. Love yourself.

If you want a better relationship with someone else, love yourself.

When you love yourself, you heal yourself.

When you love yourself, you become a magnet, people wanna hang out. You became attractive.

It’s all based on love, it’s all based on no-judgment, it’s all based on total acceptance.


The concept that I cannot live without you

The concept that I cannot live without you is a tragic statement to anyone.

The idea that I need somebody else to complete my life. It’s a very sad statement.

You should take a good look at yourself.

If you start thinking that thought, stop for a second.

You’ll realize life is full of stops. Take a look. Maybe there is something better right around the corner.

If you feel lonely, you’re looking for a company from outside of yourself, you’re looking for the wrong place.

If you cannot build a really good relationship with yourself, you will always be lonely.


To be the person you’re looking for

If you’re looking for someone is loving and kind and generous, you need to beloving and kind and generous.

Helping your partner to be the best person he/she can, can bring the best of who you are.

Enjoy the process.


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