Types of Borderline Personality Disorder

According to field expert Theodore Melton, there are four different types of borderline personality disorder:

Type ❶ Discouraged borderline personality disorder

The discouraged borderline exhibits clingy and codependent behavior, tending to follow along in a group setting although seeming dejected. They are usually brimming with disappointment and anger under the surface directed at those around them. Discouraged borderlines are more likely to engage in self-mutilation and even suicide. They seek approval but also tend to avoid people, feel unworthy, and can trend toward depression.


Type ❷ Impulsive borderline personality disorder

An impulsive borderline is often highly charismatic, energetic and engaging. They can be superficial, flirtatious and elusive, seeking thrills and becoming quickly bored. Impulsive borderlines thrive on attention and excitement and often get themselves into trouble after acting first and thinking later. This can lead to substance abuse and self-injurious behavior as they seek approval from those around them and seek to avoid disappointment and abandonment.


Type ❸ Petulant borderline

Unpredictability, irritability, defiance, and impatience signify the petulant borderline. They tend to be stubborn, pessimistic and resentful as well. They teeter between extreme feelings of being unworthy and anger. They can explode with these episodes of anger. Petulant borderlines fear being disappointed by others but also can’t seem to help wanting to rely on them. They tend to be passive-aggressive and can display self-harming behavior to get attention.


Type ❹ Self-destructive borderline

The self-destructive borderline engages in self-destructive behavior. At times they may or may not even be aware of its destructive nature. They are bitter and self-loathing. They have no sense of self and are terrified of being abandoned. They may hurt themselves in an effort to feel something. A self-destructive borderline is most likely to engage in risky behavior like reckless driving and degrading sexual acts.

Resources: https://www.optimumperformanceinstitute.com/bpd-treatment/bpd-symptoms-examined/

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